• Charlotte Langford

This is how it all started...

Way back, many moons ago at GCSE choices, I knew that I didn’t want to go down the A Level route and wanted to start my training at The Norland College. The best decision I made with no regrets on not doing any A levels as I achieved my vocation and gained The Norland Diploma and NNEB, while making fantastic friends along the way.

With a nanny career stretched over 22 years, I worked in the UK and the US and was lucky enough to travel and saw so many wonderful countries while working doing what I loved best.

Now with my son just about to start reception I felt it was time for a new challenge – Nanny Solutions.

Two of my passions are cooking and doing crafts so I thought I could use this platform to give you some ideas and inspiration for creative activities and cooking. Cooking with children or producing delicious meals for the family.

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